Bears’ Jaylen Johnson: Justin Field’s throws in camp confirmed the hype

Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson praised Justin Fields, saying the rookie quarterback’s throws in camp confirmed the hype.

This offseason, the Bears moved on from 2017 No. 2 pick Mitch Trubisky as they used their No. 11 pick in the draft to select Fields.

“We know what he can do physically. He can throw the ball, he can run the ball. He definitely has a great feel,” Johnson said on the Jim Rome Show. “Some of the throws he was making in practice, kind of confirmed what we all heard.”

Johnson is confident Fields will be able to make plays in his rookie year.

“He definitely can play the game of football. I feel like it’s just going to be, like for any other rookie the Herberts last year, the Joe Burrows, being able to figure it out more on a mental level,” Johnson said.

“Learn how to attack, how to approach the game, how to prepare. Just those things going into the first year that any rookie has to learn.

“When he gets his opportunity he is definitely going to be able to make plays. It’s just about being able to fine tune his mental attack and his mental approach to the game”

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