Buccaneers’ Tom Brady leaves door open to playing into 2023 and maybe beyond

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady has left the door open to playing into 2023 and maybe beyond.

Brady, who is set to turn 44 in August, still feels he is able to complete at the highest possible level and win Super Bowls.

“I felt for a long time I could play until I was 45 years old,” Brady said during his appearance on SiriusXM town hall with Jim Gray. “This year, I’ll be 44. Which naturally takes me to next year, and I’ve got a two-year contract. We’ll see what happens beyond that.”

After 20 years with the New England Patriots, Brady changed teams for the first time in his career and won the Super Bowl in his first season with the Buccaneers.

When asked if if it’s possible he will play into 2023 and maybe beyond, Brady said: “I think I’ve got to get to that point first and then just evaluate how I feel and where I’m at in my life. But things change as you get older, and there’s a lot of different responsibilities I have in my life. My kids and my family is certainly very important. They made a lot of sacrifices over a long period of time to watch me play. So I owe it to them, too.”

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